About us

Living Lutheran is your source for news, reflections and stories from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and its local and global companions. We cover religious news and social issues, congregational life, global and domestic mission, family matters, spiritual practices and resources, and more.

As the magazine of the ELCA, our mission is to:

  • Nurture awareness of Christ’s presence in our lives and the world
  • Share stories of God’s people living their faith
  • Connect readers with the global Christian community
  • Provide an open forum for discussion
  • Challenge readers to bring God’s grace and care to all
Editorial Offices:

8765 W. Higgins Road
Chicago, IL 60631

Email: livinglutheran@elca.org

Living Lutheran editors and writers

Jennifer Younker
  • Jennifer Younker
  • Director, Content Strategy and Editor, Living Lutheran
  • Bio:
  • I have built a career around storytelling and have a passion for using words and technology to share information and make connections. My husband and I live in a small farm town south of Chicago with our two dogs.

Megan Brandsrud
  • Megan Brandsrud
  • Content Editor
  • Bio:
  • I love writing, editing and getting to know the people behind our stories. When I’m not doing those things, you can find me cooking, reading, traveling and watching Hallmark Channel Christmas movie marathons. With our roots in South Dakota, my husband and I now happily call Chicago home.

John Potter
  • John Potter
  • Content Editor
  • Bio:
  • I’ve written and edited for a variety of national publications and organizations, and I’m passionate about storytelling, pop culture, theology and justice issues. My wife and I live just outside Chicago with our two sons and our dog. 


Erin Strybis
  • Erin Strybis
  • Content Editor
  • Bio:
  • I’ve spent more than ten years telling others’ powerful stories. It is an honor, a privilege and a call I cherish. When I’m not writing, editing or chasing my toddler, I love practicing yoga or getting lost in a good book. My family and I live in Chicago attend Resurrection Lutheran Church in the city’s Lakeview neighborhood.

Candice Hill Buchbinder
  • Candice Hill Buchbinder
  • News and Public Relations Manager
  • Bio:
  • As a journalist, I believe in the power of storytelling. Story is an art that brings insight to everyday occurrences and awareness of the people and events impacting our community and our world. My favorite times are spent with family and friends, reading, cooking and planning events that bring people together. Proud to be born and raised in Texas, I now live in Oak Park, Ill. with my husband and son and we attend Grace Lutheran Church in River Forest.